Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: Savathun’s Song Nightfall, Flashpoint EDZ


Destiny 2 (1)

The weekly reset has come and gone for Bungie’s Destiny 2, bringing little hope for a depleting fanbase and some relatively old activities.

The Nightfall this week is – you guessed it – Savathun’s Song, featuring the annoying Taeko-3. There are no modifiers in the normal Nightfall but you must complete it to earn a Challenge Card. This can be taken into the Prestige Nightfall to add elemental burns and lowered Power levels for more points.

Scoring a high number of points will have a chance at an emblem but beware – the “Extinguish” modifier will kick you back to orbit if everyone dies in a no-respawn zone. Challenges for the Nightfall are as follows:

  • Unbroken: Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.
  • The Best Defense: Shoot down 15 of its projectiles before defeating Savathun’s Song.

The Flashpoint this week is the European Dead Zone so pick up some Treasure Maps from Cayde-6, complete some Patrols and Public Events and bask in the boring loot that has no random rolls. You could also see the new items in the Eververse store and contemplate playing something with a better end-game.