Infamous Instagram King enjoys his holiday in New Zealand


The American notorious celebrity Dan Bilzerian has been bragging about his holiday.

The Poker Pro and Instagram King has become popular and also infamous thanks to his countless photos on the social media, that are showing him hunting, enjoying himself in the company of beautiful women and playing with rifles.

Nowadays, the Instagram King’s followers have the opportunity to take a look at his fabulous holiday and his adventures in New Zealand.

According to the photos, Bilzerian left the North Island and he shared pictures on Wednesday of the breakfast-with-view and also dinner in Oneora on Waiheke Island.

So, for now, the Instagram King enjoys his stay on the South Island, while posting photos of his adventures and luging in Queenstown on Wednesday and Thursday.

After receiving a lot of negative comments related to his behavior during the Vegas shooting, where he didn’t help the injured, the Poker Pro decided to take some time off.

The Snapchat footage shows Bilzerian asking a police officer for a weapon so that he can fight off the attacker, but after not getting it, he simply runs away.

Bilzerian’s behavior was criticized, especially a lot by the veteran soldier, Dakota Meyer, who served in Afganistan.

“This is why, the number of followers does not prove that someone is an excellent role model for the younger generations” – says he.

“(Bilzerian) this is what I hate the most about people like you. You always pretend to be tough,   but only when the cameras are on”

“Instead of helping injured women, you run away. Please stop pretending”

“While people are injured and dying one should not make a video, but should help and what you did it’s disgusting”


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