The Instagram- King’s story: The life of Dan Bilzerian


The real name of the internet star and also one of the most famous and richest people in the world is Dan Brandon Bilzerian – also known as the King of Instagram. Nowadays, everybody knows Dan Bilzerian – at least everybody has heard of the King of Instagram. On the other hand, those who follow Dan Bilzerian on the social media, know exactly, what he is famous for – photos of ultra-expensive sports cars, gorgeous women, wild parties and of course, challenging hobbies – a routine Dan Bilzerian simply loves.

The American multi-millionaire was always rich because he grew up in a very rich family. His family was part of the Armenian diaspora in the USA. The father had many major investments, including the fact that he was the owner of a robotics company. Bearing these facts in mind, it’s clear that the whole family was rich and had a nice life.

The house in which the Bilzerian family lived was more of a mansion- it was located in Tampa, Florida and had eleven bedrooms, several swimming pools, fitness studio, a basketball court and on the top of that a volcanic rock mountain. Living in this kind of mansion, the whole family had the opportunity to enjoy the luxury many people dreamt of.
However, living in luxury and wealth does not mean that the American millionaire had a nice childhood – on the contrary – Dan Bilzerian had a very stressful childhood. His father was almost never at home and he didn’t get any attention from him. The first time when Dan Bilzerian and his father spent some time together when he discovered that he was going to jail, because of tax frauds.

In this way, the American millionaire started learning things by himself. Firstly, he spent a big part of the money on his dad’s bail and then decided to find a way and gain the cash back. The first thing he tried was to become a part of the American Army – a task he didn’t manage to complete. The other solution was to become a professional poker player. The beginning was difficult, but Dan Bilzerian succeeded in becoming the most popular poker player, earning a lot of money.
Dan Bilzerian now lives in a bigger mansion than before, enjoying his lavish way of life.

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